Ombrella Carré Delos Aurillac "Les quatre éléments" by Lucie THULIEZ

The Delos Carré is a completely modular umbrella that can be dismantled quickly, without special tools. From the base mounting, the canopy (one seamless piece), handle or shaft are all replaceable. The Carré Delos is the only umbrella that customers can repair in seconds.

89,00 €

The artist's biography

The four elements by Lucienne Thuliez
Lucienne THULIEZ was born on the Ile de la Cité in Paris on 6th August 1940. After graduating, she studied art at the Sornas painting studio in Paris, then spent ten years at the Raincy Academy of Fine Art.
During her time at the Raincy Academy, she discovered painting on silk in 1973, and went on to study the BATIK technique in Bali, Indonesia.
From 1978 she resolutely concentrated on silk painting and her teaching career. Over an uninterrupted period of twenty years, she in turn set up and ran the “Art in Silk and Wool “ studio in Villemomble, then the “Artisoie” (Silk-art) studio in the English garden at Raincy.
She was awarded the distinction of “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Worker in France) in 1991 for painting on fabric with three silk fabric wall hangings on the theme of the seasons, one of which was subsequently reproduced in Aubusson tapestry.
Her aim is to have painting on silk recognized in France as an art form in its own right.

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