Ombrella Aurillac "Palpitation B" by Miss Vandel

The Delos Carré is a completely modular umbrella that can be dismantled quickly, without special tools. From the base mounting, the canopy (one seamless piece), handle or shaft are all replaceable. The Carré Delos is the only umbrella that customers can repair in seconds.

89,00 €

The artist's biography

Hélène Vandel is an artist whose hand can be recognized by all.

She still draws her inspiration from painting, an art she has practised for many years. Her work is surprising. Her paintings often draw us into a vortex, inspired by nature, but a nature that is restless, swirling, where colours shimmer and subjects merge and blend together; a work that vibrates and speaks to us, often at the edge of abstract painting, between shadow and light.

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