Ombrella Aurillac "Le taureau" by Anne Larose

The Delos Carré is a completely modular umbrella that can be dismantled quickly, without special tools. From the base mounting, the canopy (one seamless piece), handle or shaft are all replaceable. The Carré Delos is the only umbrella that customers can repair in seconds.

89,00 €

                                                                                       The artist's biography

"Le taureau" by Anne Larose

The paintings of Anne LAROSE, a watercolourist from Vielle-Saint-Girons in the Landes, are varied in their inspiration. She enthusiastically follows her instinct, focusing on themes she has a passion for such as still lives, bull-fighting, flowers, nudes and misty landscapes. The places and scenes she recreates are full of poetry, delicacy and sensitivity. Her art is a window opening onto a rich and generous world of nature in full bloom, a world of wisdom where man lives in harmony with the elements around him.
The unfailingly meticulous composition of her watercolours reveals an accurate and forceful line and a concern for detail.
With her magically bold and translucent colours, Anne LAROSE takes us on a journey into a dream world. She makes the pigments radiate off the paper. Touches of colour brush against lakes, hibiscus and pines before dissolving in the air. The tonal harmony, the powerful and luxuriant colours illuminate her work in a vibrant and constant way.

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