Ombrella Aurillac "Fils de Mars" by Jean Marie Guiny

The Delos Carré is a completely modular umbrella that can be dismantled quickly, without special tools. From the base mounting, the canopy (one seamless piece), handle or shaft are all replaceable. The Carré Delos is the only umbrella that customers can repair in seconds.

89,00 €

the artist's biography

Fils de Mars (Son of Mars) by Jean-Marie GUINY.

Jean-Marie GUINY was born in Versailles on 3rd May 1954. While a student at the Lycee Jules Ferry in 1974, he began his first wildlife drawings in Chinese ink, and studied acid etching and dry-point engraving. A good rider and a lover of bull-fighting, he has a special relationship with horses, travels far and wide to study them and get inspiration from them. In 1977, he began engraving and was then published in France and abroad. After working in the best Parisian studios alongside Miro, Tobiasse, Alechinsky, Coignard among others, he now devotes all his time and energies to sculpture. Strong lines, balanced mass, and the power of movement is what defines Jean-Marie GUINY’s works. His forceful stroke draws us to the very centre of life’s breath, to its very essence.

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